April(Pierson) Drake


Release Program Manager




Here’s a link to my official resume including references – or for PDF version click here

I have 16 years overall experience in QA, Feature Program Management and Release Program Management roles.  I’ve worked at Microsoft for 11 of the past 16 years in release and program management as well as testing roles. I am excited to work in the “Cloud Computing” space and my experienced has been largely in managing the SDLC of client/server internet systems and software teams since 1995.



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  • Networking Essentials

  • SQL 6.5 Administration

  • .NET Application Development Foundations

  • .NET Web-based Client Development

  • PMI Certification (test scheduled end of March 2010)




Kudo's from clients

Recommendations from partners, employees and clients:

Freelance Writer/Tester:

Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce 'Go Green' Committee Chair - I established the Go Green website, and started working towards helping businesses Green Up their practices by using digital signatures, digital faxing and soft copy filing methods to eliminate paper-waste.  This ended when I moved to Kirkland last year, but I was able to get some momentum behind the idea.  I'll likely try and do something like this in Kirkland once i'm more established.

Women's Business Owners of Seattle - I was a member for 3 years when I owned my Mortgage company, and highly recommend it to any other women entrepreneurs out there, even just for the ability to have a really nice lunch with the ladies once a month and learn about all the amazing things we can accomplish working together. 

Favorite Things to Do:

  • Gardening, Composting, Raising Chickens, a Dog, a Husband and a Toddler

  • Working on my houses – I have 3 (2 rentals in Seattle and my residence in Kirkland)

  • Reading (Historical Fiction mainly), Creative Writing & Blogging

  • Hiking, Yoga, Snowboarding and Camping

  • Social Networking (Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Foursquare)

  • Gaming (XBox Live gamertag: "aprilpdrake" - add me!)