This pregnancy pisses me off more and more each day. I watch him party with our friends and I have to take it easy. Everyone looks at me as if I am a criminal if I drink even a sip of beer. My fantasies of having a happy little family with a white picket fence have dissolved into a tiny apartment overlooking a crowded parking lot. Even with both of us working, the bills keep stacking up. I am not sure how in the fuck we are gonna take care of this kid.

Thoughts of adoption run through my mind. Maybe I should give it up to a family that has the money to give it a good life.

With four months to go to my due date, I stand in the kitchen, looking in the fridge at a beer. Before I can stop myself, it is in my mouth and down the throat. I just don’t give a fuck. One beer isn’t going to hurt this baby.

A few hours and a six pack later, Brendan comes home with a few buddies and some dope. He looks my way as he taps the bag.

“This is good shit, baby. You want to do a little?”

The other guys look at him like he’s an asshole. I hurriedly say yes before he changes his mind.

Without thinking twice I am suddenly anxious to see what all the buzz is about. Brendan is in such a good mood when he puts this stuff up his nose. I always feel left out and I am so sick of feeling like shit all the time. Anything that will make it easier to get through this pregnancy is fine with me.

​He cuts me out a pencil thin line...

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